Clock time doesn't show background image - bug?

Trevor Harmon trevor at
Sun Dec 15 02:00:50 GMT 2002

Using the Panel settings, a background image can be specified for Kicker. This 
image appears on everything, even the date on the clock, but it doesn't 
appear on the clock's time. I suppose some people might want it that way. For 
instance, there may be problems when there is both a dark image and dark 
letters on the clock. Then again, you can always set custom clock colors for 
this case.

To me, this is a bug and probably wasn't intentional. Can someone confirm 
this? I would like to fix it and post a patch. Otherwise, there will have to 
be a special property like "Draw background image in clock", which I suppose 
would have to wait for KDE 3.2. Please advise. Thanks,


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