Clock time doesn't show background image - bug?

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On December 14, 2002 09:00 pm, Trevor Harmon wrote:
> Using the Panel settings, a background image can be specified for Kicker.
> This image appears on everything, even the date on the clock, but it
> doesn't appear on the clock's time. I suppose some people might want it
> that way. For instance, there may be problems when there is both a dark
> image and dark letters on the clock. Then again, you can always set custom
> clock colors for this case.
> To me, this is a bug and probably wasn't intentional. Can someone confirm
> this? I would like to fix it and post a patch. Otherwise, there will have
> to be a special property like "Draw background image in clock", which I
> suppose would have to wait for KDE 3.2. Please advise. Thanks,
> Trevor

I can confirm this and also can point out that this is also affecting the 
stipple pattern of Mosfet's Liquid theme. If I choose the Liquid theme and 
set the clock to plain I thought the stipple would continue through the tray 
of the clock. However, I'm presented with the outcome shown in the attached 
image. Is the clock applet tray treated specially for any specific reason? 

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