Help with bug #51395

Anders Lund anders.lund at
Sat Dec 14 22:27:36 GMT 2002

Hi Trevor,
I'll look at your patch and commit it if it's ok.

Please discuss kate bugs on the kwrite-devel list, where it belongs.


On Saturday 14 December 2002 23:09, Trevor Harmon wrote:
> I'm trying to fix bug #51395 (
> Unfortunately, the problems are a little out of my league, so if anyone can
> help me, I'd appreciate it.
> I had encountered problems similar to the user who reported the bug. My
> stack trace was different, however, and after some debugging, I discovered
> that if the "location" setting of katerc's [fileselector] group points to a
> non-existent path, then I get a crash. This is because kate attempts to set
> the path using KURL, which throws up a message box if it can't find the
> path. The message box then blocks the user interface (I think) and causes
> the crash when kate attempts to show its main window.
> This is probably a bug in KURL because I don't think it should be
> responsible for displaying error messages. The applications calling KURL
> should be the ones checking for return codes or exceptions and putting up
> error messages as needed.
> I can't be certain of that, so instead I patched kate. The problem can be
> fixed by changing the line in kdebase/kate/app/katefileselector.cpp so that
> if the path doesn't exist, the user's home path is used. A diff is
> attached. Feel free to apply after review.
> I'm surprised nobody else has encountered this bug, since it would seem
> very easy to duplicate. All you have to do is run kate, exit, delete
> whatever directory kate was looking at, then restart kate. (I haven't
> verified this, though.)
> Anyway, the big problem I'm having is with another bug that I discovered
> after fixing the one above. This bug (stack trace attached) is also likely
> due to an improper katerc because the crash seems to occur in
> kdelibs/kdeui/kdockwidget.cpp on line 2356, where the dock settings are
> loaded. The "c->readNumEntry" call returns 1, which is then passed to
> tab->page, which never returns because of the crash. I get lost trying to
> figure out what's happening here, mostly because I don't understand how
> kate loads the dock settings and displays the tabs. (I've never worked with
> Qt tab widgets before.)
> I hope someone can shed some light on what's happening here - or even
> better, post a patch! I've attached my katerc, which should allow
> reproduction of the bug.
> Thanks,
> Trevor

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