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On Thursday December 12 2002 1:25 pm, Daniel Kent wrote:
> I work as a Commissioning Editor at Wrox Press. I am currently advocating
> Linux desktop programming as an area in which we should publish some books.
> I would really like to support the wave of enterprise adoption of Linux
> with some books aimed at people who need to create applications with a
> desktop element (or applications that are completely desktop based)
> Since KDE is the most popular desktop system on Linux, I thought that you
> would be the right people to ask about what sort of books would benefit the
> community (and possibly introduce new developers to the community...)

There is a generic KDE2 development book 
(, but we could definitely use a KDE3 
one. But more specific books, showing more targeted implementations and a 
focus on specific tasks would be useful as well.

For enterprise adoption, KDE probably needs more documentation (and features) 
to allow for easier interaction with the underlying operating system and 
applications. The KSysV editor is useful, but it is not as easy as the W2K 
services configuration, for example. Something useful would be , but it has not been updated for over 3 
years. These kind of things are important, I think. But there is no generic 
KDE API for it. Many have tried, but they all failed or quit.

For offices, I believe KMail/KDEPIM/Kroupware, KOffice and KDE Kiosk are the 
most useful things to look into. Explaining how offices can hook into these 
technologies for custom products or improved ones for their own use might be 
a worthy resource.

> I am not at the stage of looking for authors just yet (but I am always
> happy to talk to anyone who is interested in writing) - what I really need
> is some advice about how Wrox could play a useful role in helping people to
> use KDE to develop applications.

For general development, a new KDE3 development book would be most useful.
For specific enterprise stuff, you might want to focus more on how KDE 
interacts with the rest of the system.

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