Seeking advice on potential future KDE books

Daniel Kent danielk at
Thu Dec 12 12:25:02 GMT 2002

Hello everyone,

I work as a Commissioning Editor at Wrox Press. I am currently advocating
Linux desktop programming as an area in which we should publish some books.
I would really like to support the wave of enterprise adoption of Linux with
some books aimed at people who need to create applications with a desktop
element (or applications that are completely desktop based)

Since KDE is the most popular desktop system on Linux, I thought that you
would be the right people to ask about what sort of books would benefit the
community (and possibly introduce new developers to the community...)

I am not at the stage of looking for authors just yet (but I am always happy
to talk to anyone who is interested in writing) - what I really need is some
advice about how Wrox could play a useful role in helping people to use KDE
to develop applications.



Dan Kent 
Commissioning Editor 
Wrox Press 
(+44) 121 687 4100 
danielk at 

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