Seeking advice on potential future KDE books

CP Hennessy CP.Hennessy at
Thu Dec 12 15:14:02 GMT 2002

On Thursday 12 December 2002 14:45, Rob Kaper wrote:
> For enterprise adoption, KDE probably needs more documentation (and
> features) to allow for easier interaction with the underlying operating
> system and applications. The KSysV editor is useful, but it is not as easy
> as the W2K services configuration, for example. Something useful would be
> , but it has not been updated for over 3
> years. These kind of things are important, I think. But there is no generic
> KDE API for it. Many have tried, but they all failed or quit.

OK, this has probably been mentioned before ( and my XML knowledge is not 
great ), but is it not possible to define an XML format for each config file 
of these type of apps (i.e. bind, sendmail, apache, etc ) which could be 
translated to something which KDE could generically display ?

I know that some of this would mean it would be preferable to get the specific 
apps to participate, but surely some of this must be possible ? 
Especially defining a standard so that it would be easy to interlink the 
config of these apps ( e.g. "allowed users" would not just have an 
"add/delete" button but also a "new user" which cause the KDE app for
creating new users ( or the KDE interface to LDAP if that's what used ).

Sorry if the above is rubbish,

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