[Fwd: Data, Functionality and User Interface Providers: The next generation for desktop environments?]

Timo A. Hummel timo.hummel at gmx.net
Tue Dec 10 05:41:23 GMT 2002

> The problem is "legacy code". You'd have to rewrite almost everything 
> from scratch to make everything fit together. 
On the other hand, you have to got rewrite many things whenever
applications of the same kind are written. Example: I see much
cd-recording applications out there. Some aren't maintained anymore,
some are missing certain features and so on. That wouldn't happen with
an abstraction model. 

> KDE and Gnome and MS and Apple and... are doing. Just everyone on its 
> own island. Does that sound silly? Maybe. But when you think of it - 
> no, not really. That's exactly what you'd expect from humans.
Yes, but we are able to change it in the unix world. I'm not sure if it
is a KDE task...


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