[Fwd: Data, Functionality and User Interface Providers: The next generation for desktop environments?]

Marc Mutz Marc.Mutz at uni-bielefeld.de
Mon Dec 9 21:59:22 GMT 2002

On Monday 09 December 2002 18:56, Timo A. Hummel wrote:
> My guess is that every application could be abstracted into a data,
> functionality and user-interface layers. Data layers are responsible
> for data storage, functionality layers are actions and user-interface
> layers represent data and functionality on the user's screen.

Welcome to Smalltalk MVC!

> My basic idea is that we should stop re-inventing the wheel everytime.

The problem is "legacy code". You'd have to rewrite almost everything 
from scratch to make everything fit together. And, well, that's what 
KDE and Gnome and MS and Apple and... are doing. Just everyone on its 
own island. Does that sound silly? Maybe. But when you think of it - 
no, not really. That's exactly what you'd expect from humans.


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