KDE 3.1: delayed

Daniel Stone dstone at kde.org
Sat Dec 7 01:25:17 GMT 2002

On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 03:22:24PM +0100, Waldo Bastian scrawled:
> Security fixes for what? I think it is more important to release a KDE 3.0.6 
> or KDE 2.2.3 than KDE 3.1.
> Reading some of the comments about the lack of binary packages for the RCs I 
> don't think many users will understand a KDE 3.1 in source only. KDE 3.1 is 
> something to be proud of, we should release it properly, not just "sort of".
> I am strongly in favour of delaying it till January.

I agree sincerely. Since it's a major release, not just a point release,
we'll get extensive coverage on this, and we don't want to fuck it up.
It's that simple.

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