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Daniel Stone dstone at
Thu Dec 5 04:44:56 GMT 2002

On Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 11:39:13PM -0500, Cristian Tibirna scrawled:
> Why shall you take on people personally? bugzilla isn't the commercial product 
> of Coolo's multimilionaire company. It's just a tool, for name's sake. There 
> are probably tens of tools out there for doing this particular job. Coolo, in 
> his impersonal interest for the betterment of KDE's world, proposed one of 
> them to replace an old one, just like you replace a bug sticky tape with a 
> bug spray. Both do the work, but the spray is more convenient. He did this 
> when the debbugs technology wasn't as attractive as bugzilla. I'm sure that, 
> the day come, a reverse switch can be considered if for better.
> We really need to try to stay calm.

Sure, I'll volunteer to set up debbugs+PTS. Coolo, are you interested in
making the Bugzilla database available (minus the user table, of
course), to facilitate this?

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