To maintainers: Thank You

Cristian Tibirna tibirna at
Thu Dec 5 04:39:13 GMT 2002

On Wednesday, 04 December 2002 20:22, Daniel Stone wrote:
> [1]: Note the
>      "View Attachment" lines. But of course that's not what coolo wants
>      you to see - only a horrifically broken branched version of debbugs
>      1.0 (current is 2.4) should be compared to Bugzilla!

Why shall you take on people personally? bugzilla isn't the commercial product 
of Coolo's multimilionaire company. It's just a tool, for name's sake. There 
are probably tens of tools out there for doing this particular job. Coolo, in 
his impersonal interest for the betterment of KDE's world, proposed one of 
them to replace an old one, just like you replace a bug sticky tape with a 
bug spray. Both do the work, but the spray is more convenient. He did this 
when the debbugs technology wasn't as attractive as bugzilla. I'm sure that, 
the day come, a reverse switch can be considered if for better.

We really need to try to stay calm.

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