To maintainers: Thank You

Daniel Stone dstone at
Thu Dec 5 01:22:56 GMT 2002

On Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 05:17:26PM -0800, Neil Stevens scrawled:
> To all who have worked on the new Bugzilla system, thank you.  The new 
> system and its greater accessability has just helped tie together various 
> bugs related to libartskde, and has now yielded a patch from a user.  I 
> don't think this would have happened so quickly and easily with the old 
> system.

What sort of crack are you on? Have a look at b.d.o sometime (hint: the
"patch" tag is there for a reason). I would've volunteered to help with
debbugs, setting up the PTS, etc, but the choice was made seemingly
without consultation.

Oh well; I'd probably think debbugs an improvement, too, if I didn't
know how to post a patch to debbugs[1].


[1]: Note the
     "View Attachment" lines. But of course that's not what coolo wants
     you to see - only a horrifically broken branched version of debbugs
     1.0 (current is 2.4) should be compared to Bugzilla!

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