Conflict between kcontrol->style->misc->"enable tooltips" and kcontrol->panel->apparence->"show tooltips"

Laurent Montel lmontel at
Tue Aug 27 15:57:13 BST 2002

Le Tuesday 27 August 2002 16:54, Aaron J. Seigo a écrit :
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> On Tuesday 27 August 2002 08:28, you wrote:
> > it's right but konqueror/kate doesn't modify font for all widget but just
> > for konqueror/kate.
> > But Tooltips modify for all widget !
> not here they don't, fresh CVS build from last night. here the settings are
> independant. turning tooltips off in the style and on in kicker results in
> no tooltips konqi or kmail, but tooltips in kicker remain on...

Ok my kde is old, so perhaps it fixed...

> although if you turn off tooltips in the style dialog, kicker will lose its
> tooltips until you restart or reconfigure kicker, at which point it
> re-reads its settings ... this could be seen as a bug, but that bug isn't
> in kicker's config.

No in kicker config so perhaps use a dcop call to make reconfigure kicker 
after we apply style parameter !

> perhaps another checkbox in the Miscellaneous tag of the style dialog for
> tooltips in the panel is necessary to make this setting obvious and
> explicit. "Enable tooltips globally" and "Enable tooltips in panel"? there
> is already a "Menu on top of the screen.." setting in there, so this
> wouldn't be the first duplicated, non-style option there.
> > Ok but when we apply panel parameter (disable/enable tooltips) it
> > disables enable tooltips globaly for all wigets and not just for kicker !
> > and vice versa !
> >
> > We use : QToolTip::setGloballyEnabled( _showToolTips );
> this only affects the current application (in this case kicker), not every
> Qt based app that is running. setting it from the style dialog does indeed
> affect kicker, overriding its own setting and this is a bug. but kicker's
> settings only affect kicker.

it's right, I tested it.

> > => for me it's not good.
> > After when we restart kde, kicker reapply its configuration when it
> > launch and style configuration is lose !
> only for kicker, yes.


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