Conflict between kcontrol->style->misc->"enable tooltips" and kcontrol->panel->apparence->"show tooltips"

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Tue Aug 27 16:12:24 BST 2002

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On Tuesday 27 August 2002 08:57, Laurent Montel wrote:
> > although if you turn off tooltips in the style dialog, kicker will lose
> > its tooltips until you restart or reconfigure kicker, at which point it
> > re-reads its settings ... this could be seen as a bug, but that bug isn't
> > in kicker's config.
> No in kicker config so perhaps use a dcop call to make reconfigure kicker
> after we apply style parameter !

yes, this would work ... the dcop call already exists in kicker (the kicker 
config uses it) so the additional code should be minimal.

also a note in the What's This and documentation that kicker has its own 
setting would be a good idea =) ... and the more i think about it, the more a 
checkbox there to turn tooltips on/off in the panel is seems like a good 

p.s. i'm subbed to core-devel. you don't need to cc me =)

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