Conflict between kcontrol->style->misc->"enable tooltips" and kcontrol->panel->apparence->"show tooltips"

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Tue Aug 27 15:54:22 BST 2002

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On Tuesday 27 August 2002 08:28, you wrote:
> it's right but konqueror/kate doesn't modify font for all widget but just
> for konqueror/kate.
> But Tooltips modify for all widget !

not here they don't, fresh CVS build from last night. here the settings are 
independant. turning tooltips off in the style and on in kicker results in no 
tooltips konqi or kmail, but tooltips in kicker remain on...

although if you turn off tooltips in the style dialog, kicker will lose its 
tooltips until you restart or reconfigure kicker, at which point it re-reads 
its settings ... this could be seen as a bug, but that bug isn't in kicker's 

perhaps another checkbox in the Miscellaneous tag of the style dialog for 
tooltips in the panel is necessary to make this setting obvious and explicit.
"Enable tooltips globally" and "Enable tooltips in panel"? there is already a 
"Menu on top of the screen.." setting in there, so this wouldn't be the first 
duplicated, non-style option there.

> Ok but when we apply panel parameter (disable/enable tooltips) it disables
> enable tooltips globaly for all wigets and not just for kicker ! and vice
> versa !
> We use : QToolTip::setGloballyEnabled( _showToolTips );

this only affects the current application (in this case kicker), not every Qt 
based app that is running. setting it from the style dialog does indeed 
affect kicker, overriding its own setting and this is a bug. but kicker's 
settings only affect kicker. 

> => for me it's not good.
> After when we restart kde, kicker reapply its configuration when it launch
> and style configuration is lose !

only for kicker, yes.

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