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Don Sanders sanders at kde.org
Wed Aug 21 14:31:06 BST 2002

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

In answer to your initial question the basic problem voting with money 
is trying to solve is to raise funds for a worthy cause. For example 
transport and accomodation for KDE developers to attend a conference 
and get together. Another example was feeding starving Ugandan 
orphans, but some developers feel it is inappropriate for KDE to 
officially involve itself with such an activity.

KDE e.V. does already collect money via the donations webpage but I 
don't see why that should prohibit alternative forms of fund raising. 
That's like a conventional charity saying 'but we already have a 
normal mail address people can send donations to help cure cancer, so 
why should we bother with a national cure cancer day, or a telethon 
or website donations".

If a cause like KDE e.V. is worthy then I think it is justified to try 
to come up with innovative ways of raising funds for this cause. I 
don't think advertising for donations on the dot would be innovative 
I think that would get annoying pretty quickly.

People repeatedly want to give donations in return for features being 
implemented, yet we simply ignore them and their potential donation 
even if the features are implemented regardless. Why not help people 
get the features they want implemented and at the same time raise 
money for KDE e.V?

Concerning your point about abusing the voting system. My problem with 
abusing the voting system is that if I base my contributions partly 
on which bugs are voted most important, then I consider abuse of the 
bug reporting system a problem because it can waste my scare time.

There's also the fact that someone with a mental age of 12 years and 
lots of free time has the same voting power as the CIO of a 
multi-thousand employee company. Some may regard this situation as 
egalitarian and desirable but I do not, because it skews the vote in 
a way which is inconsistent with how I would like to set my 

The changes I propose may not benefit you. But if they result in 
advantages for others and I'm prepared to do the work then why not?


On Wednesday 21 August 2002 21:44, Daniel Naber wrote:
> On Wednesday 21 August 2002 04:40, Don Sanders wrote:
> > I am prepared to implement the voting system I have described. I
> > guess it's ultimately up to Coolo and Daniel to decide whether
> > they would like to accept my offer.
> Voting is supported by Bugzilla, it just needs to be activated
> I don't like the idea to vote with money, as I'm not sure what
> problem this is trying to solve. I don't see how it can prevent
> abuse, because I don't see how a voting system can be "abused". The
> worst thing that can happen is that someone gets several acounts
> and puts all his votes on one bug. Even if someone implements it
> then because of the votes, so what?
> On the other hand, KDE e.V. is already collecting money
> (http://www.kde.org/donations.html). If we really need money, e.g.
> for some event, we can put a "Donate!" link on the homepage and
> post a story on the dot, I'm sure this would get a significant
> amount in a short time.
> Regards
>  Daniel

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