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a_sturm at wrote:
>Thiago Macieira <thiagom at> schrieb am 12.08.2002, 09:20:06:
>> >Where should socklen_t be defined?
>> In the system headers. I think sys/socket.h, but I'm not sure. If this
>> were a KDE application, I'd recommend using ksocklen_t from ksockaddr.h.
>> I think the configure script will need an additional test for the presence
>> of that type and, if not defined, use "unsigned" instead.
>> Want a patch?
>Well, i surely was grepping all headerfiles for socklen_t; but it didn't
>turn up anything.... I would be verry pleased if you could make a patch!

Actually, I've been taking a look at the code in libvncserver and we're a bit 
out of luck here. Since it's not part of KDE code, it doesn't include 
config.h, so Autoconf tests won't help.

Anyways, the code is perfectly valid POSIX code. It's your system that doesn't 
provide socklen_t... :/

My suggestion is that you edit rfb.h, and add a section like:

#ifdef __IRIX__
typedef unsigned socklen_t;

>:-)) I going to read the diff man page today to supply patches the next

diff -u originalfile newfile

or, in case of dirs:
diff -ur originalpackage modifiedpackage

if you're using code obtained from CVS, it's even easier:
cvs diff -u

(note: some older versions of diff don't support -u Unified Diff)

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