Success: kde 3.1 cvs running on sgi IRIX!

a_sturm at a_sturm at
Mon Aug 12 08:35:11 BST 2002

Thiago Macieira <thiagom at> schrieb am 12.08.2002, 09:20:06:

> >cc-1020 cc: ERROR File = main.c, Line = 318
> >  The identifier "socklen_t" is undefined.
> >
> >      socklen_t len;
> >
> >Where should socklen_t be defined?
> In the system headers. I think sys/socket.h, but I'm not sure. If this were a 
> KDE application, I'd recommend using ksocklen_t from ksockaddr.h.
> I think the configure script will need an additional test for the presence of 
> that type and, if not defined, use "unsigned" instead.
> Want a patch?

Well, i surely was grepping all headerfiles for socklen_t; but it didn't
turn up anything.... I would be verry pleased if you could make a patch!
:-)) I going to read the diff man page today to supply patches the next
time i do a walk over kde 3.1.
Thanks for your help, i really appreciate it!


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