Request to check in a new feature to KRegExpEditor.

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at
Wed Aug 7 07:00:02 BST 2002

Ingo Klöcker <kloecker at> writes:

| On Tuesday 06 August 2002 13:18, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
| > Hi.
| > Lately I've been very busy an thus have only had a little time to
| > work on KDE. Therefore I didn't want to add stuff to the expected
| > feature list for KRegExpEditor, as I was afraid I couldn't make it.
| You should have added it. You could have simply moved it to the feature 
| list of KDE 3.2 if you wouldn't have finished it in time for KDE 3.1.
Should I follow your idea here, then I should for the future just add
something very vague to the plan, something that I could always just
postpone. And for heavens sake, ensure that I have anything possible I
could ever imagine working on.
Is that the idea with the plan? Of course not. People should not add
features to the plan that they do not seriously expect to be able to

| > Now, however, I've had two weeks of vacation, where I brought my
| > laptop, and I added a verifier widget to my regular expression editor
| > see for a screen dump, and
| > for the source directory.
| >
| > In addition to this I also have had a chance to fix a number of bugs
| > plus add a number of tooltips to make things easier for the end user.
| > I can, however, not separate these bug fixes from the new feature
| > easily.
| >
| > Now my problem is that I really would like to have all this in KDE
| > CVS, but due to the missing entry in the feature plan I can't do it.
| That's correct.
| > I therefore ask for permission check it in.
| No exceptions are made. For no one. Sorry.
I fell really sorry about this, the features are done.
I understand and accept the feature plan very much, but as I see it, you
are here enforcing the word of the plan rather than the spirit of the plan?

As I understand the plan, it is to ensure that people do not start working
on a feature and midway through start working on another feature and midway

This is not the case in my situation. I actually have code that is
finished, and even contains a lot of bugfixes.

This is a feature that many people have asked for, so postponing it for a
long time would be a real petty.

I beg you (and all KDE-core developers) to reconsider, here's a deal:
If you let me check in the new code now, I promise to fix any bug reported
(bugs that are in my control) in this code, plus have at least five
people intensively testing it.
If I do not fulfill this promise, I permit you to revert my changes and
remove my access to CVS!

Please again remember that had I only foreseen I would have had time to
finish this (Or had I just been very optimistic rather than realistic) then
there would have been no problem.

Kind Regards

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