KDE Jabber Library

Martijn Klingens martijn at martijn.homeip.net
Mon Aug 5 11:45:04 BST 2002

On Sun, 4 Aug 2002, Yenar Calentaure wrote:
> If you are speaking about something like blocking based on IP address,
> this can't be done if you have small standalone jabber server running on
> your desktop machine (this is the solution that was proposed IIRC). And
> how can be transport module distinguished from free Kopete plugin?

Well, I consider it bloat to have to run a server on a client system, but
I think the issue is more ore less moot since Neil and I settled on a far
better approach (IMNSHO of course).

Kopete and Kit2 will live happily together and the actual interface is not
libpsi but kabc, where for KDE 3.2 kabc's default backend happens to be
libpsi instead of libkopete, because libkopete isn't ready yet.


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