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Yenar Calentaure yenar at host.sk
Sun Aug 4 20:42:17 BST 2002

Martijn Klingens wrote:
> On Sunday 04 August 2002 18:53, Dominique Devriese wrote:
>>Martijn Klingens <klingens at kde.org> writes:
>>>Sure, Psi is a bit more mature, but Kopete isn't that far off. And
>>>offers a
>>>whole lot of other options that make it IMSNHO far more usable.
>>Could you give some examples of that last statement ?
> Support for a single shared address book and soon the KDE address book, and 
> support for other widley-used protocols to name the two most prominent. Each 
> alone makes Kopete for me beat Jabber-only hands down, even for communication 
> between KDE apps, without user interaction. Not to mention those two 
> combined...
If psi will be present in kdelibs, it will sure make use of kabc and 
won't introduce new addressbook framework. Kopete's one isn't coded yet, 
so there is no difference.

>>Btw.  Jabber has some nice features too.  The fact that it's XML
>>and open allows you to send special messages that aren't strictly
>>"messages" as in chit-chat.  If you want to do that over something
>>like ICQ, you have to invent something like MIME for IM which allows
>>you to encapsulates different types of messages.  Of course, there's
>>not much hope that MS or AOL would adopt KDE's extensions, so you're
>>doing non-standard stuff and no longer interoperable..
I agree with this.

>>Or am i missing something here ?
> Yes. You're more interoperable instead of 'no longer', since you use the 
> already existing IM infrastructure as transport protocol. Whatever you 
> transport over a given IM protocol is application dependent. It can be 
> chit-chat, it can be an invitation, and what more. It's two different layers. 
> Trying to combine the transport and the data in a single-protocol solution is 
> for me the wrong approach, but of course you're allowed to have a different 
> opinion.
Needing whole kopete for simple presence query is bloat, isn't it? And 
what advantage brings you ability to use proprietary protocols? Except 
need of account creation (which is very trivial AFAIK) i see none. The 
server transport modules of jabber will take care of interoperability.

>>>And the fact that those bridges often don't work because the
>>>bridging server
>>>is blocked by another protocol's server, yes.
>>Don't the Kopete plugins suffer from those practices too ?
> No, because they use the protocol's native servers, so it's hard to block 
> them, unlike a single Jabber bridge that can be blocked rather easily to 
> block a whole truckload of users in a single step.
If you are speaking about something like blocking based on IP address, 
this can't be done if you have small standalone jabber server running on 
your desktop machine (this is the solution that was proposed IIRC). And 
how can be transport module distinguished from free Kopete plugin?

> Martijn

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