KDE's 25th Anniversary Planning/Ideas/Video

Allyson Alexandrou allyson.alexandrou at kde.org
Fri Sep 11 20:24:41 BST 2020

This email is all about KDE's 25th Anniversary coming up on 14 October 2021.
We are starting to plan early and officially began creating ideas during Akademy. If you missed out of the BoF meeting during Akademy, you can find the task with the notes from the BoF session here: https://phabricator.kde.org/T13198 <https://phabricator.kde.org/T13198>
All ideas must be submitted by October 31st, 2020.
This is to make your ideas become a reality! We would like all of the things happening around KDE's 25th to be special and not rushed in any way. This is why we have a deadline on ideas. Of course if you have an idea come up after this deadline please let us know right away. You can contact Allyson Alexandrou at allyson.alexandrou at kde.org <http://allyson.alexandrou@kde.org/> or simply put it on the Phabricator task linked in this email.
In the mean time, we are now accepting short video clips where you can say "Happy Birthday" to KDE in your native (or preferred) language. We would like to get as many different languages in the video as possible (so if you speak something other than English please show us) to show just how diverse the KDE community is. You are what has helped to make KDE thrive for the last 24 years, please show us just how unique and special you are!
If you choose to upload a video please follow these instructions:
Film horizontally!
Make sure your face is not covered or facing the sun
Speak clearly, loudly, and not too quickly so you're most easily understood regardless of language
Film in a fun (but safe) space. 
If your city has a famous landmark try to film there or somewhere in your city that you love.
Please be sure you use a friend with a steady hand or a tripod to film.
If it is noisy in the background, please go back to that location at a more quiet time of the day.
When submitting your video title it with your first and last name + language and landmark (if you have filmed by one)
Here is an example: 
SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS HERE: https://share.kde.org/s/4EHW9s9iTzTyGbW <https://share.kde.org/s/4EHW9s9iTzTyGbW>
Thank you!
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