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Here are the notes from the KDE Network's BoF.


  *   The KDE Network will be a group of KDE representatives in their respective cities/countries.
  *   They promote KDE and it’s work in their local community.
  *   Additionally, they are responsible for helping to grow the community, and to act as a liaison between their local community and KDE.
  *   Members of the KDE Network Group are Community Members who have agreed to help promote KDE.
  *   They use their knowledge of KDE and their public speaking skills or social networking skills or people skills to help promote KDE.

Derived from our Promo goals. We want to increase our community and outreach in more countries, including:

  *   Brand awareness about KDE.
  *   Increase and engage new contributors.
  *   Increase the number of end-users.

Legal entity/Registration
The KDE Network will help existing or new groups to promote KDE in their local community. It does not have to be legally registered. If they want to form a foundation or a legal entity it will be a separate domain and they should consult the board members in this regard.

In certain communities, it will be better to localize the KDE Network in their languages. We will provide all the marketing material in English that can be translated and printed locally.

All the expenditure on events and travelling will be reimbursed. We have a Financial plan for this and can be found in the documents.

You can find all the related documents here:

Task on Phabricator

You can join the group through
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