BoF Notes: How Python can help KDE Development?

Cristián Maureira-Fredes cmaureirafredes at
Sat Sep 12 15:13:29 BST 2020

Hello everyone!,

Thanks for the ones that were able to participate on
the Python BoF last Wednesday :)

The initial notes I suggested to discuss can be found here:
and here are some comments/ideas/notes from the discussion:

* There are two main ways Python could play an important role in KDE
  (1) Exposing some C++ API to Python, so it gets easier for people to
start using
        some libraries, to write simple applications.
  (2) Extend the functionality of C++ based applications with Python (as
plugins, for example)

* Kirigami:
    - At the moment, Kirigami offers a well structured set of elements to
create amazing UI/UX
      so it would be really beneficial if Kirigami could be exposed to
Python users,
      both PyQt and PySide.
    - There is already some related work started by Jonah [1], so it would
be really cool if someone
      else would like to help with the packaging process.

* Android deploy Qt
   - Mobile development is one of the weak points of Python applications,
so this would benefit a lot
     the Python developers that currently want to have applications running
on phones/tablets.

* PyKDE5
   - There has been some work related to PyKDE5, the port of PyKDE4 [2]
   - This set of bindings is based on sip, the binding generator that PyQt
   - Some of the modules included here are: karchive, kcoreaddons,
kitemviews, etc.

* Showcase of applications using Python
  - Falkon, has some scripts.
  - Krita, has support for Python scripting.
  - GNU Health is developed with PySide2. [4]

* Kross
  - Since it's based on QtScript, there might an option to evaluate of
Python can replace it, since QtScript
    was deprecated.
  - A similar project on this topic is PythonQt [3]

# Action points
1. Get Kirigami on PyPi for Python users (PyQt/PySide)
2. Check if something could be done to help projects like Falkon and Krita,
from a scripting point of view
3. Provide shiboken (generator) as a system executable to make it easier to
generate Python bindings for any C++ project.

I'm certain many of you have some cool ideas regarding
Python in KDE, so I would love to read your thoughts on the topic.

For any attendee, if you noticed I forgot to mention something,
or I got something wrong, please let's know!

Have a nice Saturday!


PS: Join us on if you are interested in the
PySide/Shiboken development.


Dr. Cristián Maureira-Fredes
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