reddit r_KDE uses KDE logo in LGBT colors

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> I have a question:
> Is it legal for reddit moderators of r_KDE to use KDE logo in LGBT
> colors. Is it consistent with logo license?

Like KDE itself, Oxygen Icons have a liberal copying policy. Anyone may,
and is encouraged to, use Oxygen Icons in their applications, websites and
physical artwork. *Modification is also allowed*. The only restriction is
that you can not restrict what others then do with the artwork.

The copying licence is the GNU LGPL 3, see Policies/Licensing_Policy
<> and LGPL licence text
<> for the full legal details.

Source: . Emphasis is

> Is it in line with KDE code of conduct - to support certain groups
> that are politically active and be selective in this choice?

Changing a logo on a 3rd party social media site is not against the code of

Again a helpful link:

I hope this helps address your concerns.


> Do you realize that it can stop certain people from funding KDE? Of
> course on the other hand it can make others, like George Soros to fund
> but does KDE really want to go in that direction and engage in such
> politics. Pretending that it has nothing to do with politics is a pure
> lie.

> What other KDE contributors think about it? For example: do all KDE
> funders support engaging software community in non-software activity?
> I know that reddit is separate website and has nothing to do with this
> forum, however this is social and community issue as well.
> What about adding to KDE code of conduct: KDE is not engage in social
> or political dispute. KDE doesn't discriminate nor support any groups
> other than Free Software.
> Personally I believe there are thousands of other better places on the
> Internet to express whatever point of view someone has and KDE and its
> community should not be involved in such activities.
> It is now off. But this doesn't change the meaning of this action.
> My first message about it to this list was on 3rd of July but has not
> been accepted by moderators yet, so I had to subscribe.
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