BigBlueButton for non-KDE stuff?

Paul Brown paul.brown at
Fri Jul 10 09:37:00 BST 2020

On jueves, 9 de julio de 2020 14:02:25 (CEST) Pau Garcia Quiles wrote:
> Hello
> I was wondering if there is a policy or restriction to use
> Why this question?
> Uyuni ( is an open source systems management
> solution, at the moment mostly driven by SUSE (because Uyuni is the
> upstream for SUSE Manager). Uyuni is not associated with KDE, and only
> loosely associated with openSUSE.
> We started Uyuni Community Hours a couple of months ago, to great success.
> We were using GoToMeeting because that's what I had from SUSE but now we
> would like to move to an open source conferencing tool and are looking for
> a home.
> openSUSE offers Jitsi (, which has the problem of not
> allowing room reservations.
> KDE's BigBlueButton allows reservations but I was wondering if it's OK to
> use for non-KDE related discussion.

Hello Pau!

How are you doing? Glad to hear from you and your projects again. Long time no 
speak (FOSDEM 2000-and-something maybe?).

Regarding your question, why not make Uyuni a KDE project and you'll be in the 
clear! 😁



P.S.: Seriously though.
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