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> On Sat, Dec 28, 2019, 08:39 Olivier Churlaud <olivier at churlaud.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> At CERN we didn't speak about this, except with the Plasma team who spoke
>> about having a cookbook based on git containing all the code and
>> explanations.
>> Sebastian Kl├╝ger was the one who raised the idea. I have no idea if
>> something came out of this.
> I wasn't made aware of any development in that matter when I asked Plasma
> devs. The problem still stands that QML and JS documentation seem difficult
> to properly do in Doxygen even with the QML extension.
> For frameworks we wanted to break the idea that you need to take all kf5
>> libs to use one, hence we didn't want to promote too much the transverse
>> tutorial. This idea can be challenged, though.
> I think there's room for both. The Frameworks documentation definitely
> need to be standalone and complete, including examples. But there will also
> be some need for tutorials and guides that revolve around themes, topics,
> and applications. It's less about "you need all kf5 libs" and more about
> "you can connect and use multiple kf5 libs this way to make Qt
> applications". These would be higher-level documentation rather than
> Framework-specific.
> Whether they can or should be in the apidox may be a different discussion.
> I'll try to review the tutorials and see which can go where and also think
> of tutorials and guides that may not be a direct fit for apidocs.

By the way, the Frameworks Cookbook was written and is still available:
https://community.kde.org/Books for more information. And we did do it in


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