Touch Screens and KDE

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Thu Dec 27 17:24:09 GMT 2018

On Thursday, 27 December 2018 06:32:43 PST Marco Martin wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 26, 2018 at 8:29 AM Jacky Alcine <jackyalcine at> wrote:
> > Hey y'all!
> > 
> > I'm curious about peoples' thoughts and any developments in the space of
> > touch screens for KDE. I use a Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 [1] as my main laptop
> > / machine but I can't see me using my touch screen for it a lot outside
> > of me doing stuff with VLC.
> Hi,
> Is your touchscreen working correctly? if so you can play with it
> especially developing QML based applications, which is way easier to
> develop touchscreen optimized stuff with it rather than normal QWIdget
> apps.
> take a look at

Yup, it works completely well! I notice in some applications (namely in 
Chromium and Okular) that zoom support is all in there. However, trying to do 
the same in applications like Firefox and KMail doesn't seem to work. I don't 
expect it to work _that_ well in KMail and Firefox's support is largely a GTK 
issue (or some feature flag I haven't found).

> > I also am curious if this is more of a systems thing that's below KDE
> > (like
> > within X11/Wayland) that I have to look into. I want to get a decent
> > stylus
> you need touchscren drivers to work correctly, then you're set.
> another thing that is relevant, is the sensor that knows when you
> flipped it (a recent kernel patch i sent exactly for some dell
> inspiron 2 in 1) so with a recent kernel and wayland, Kirigami
> applications automatically change some details of the ui when you flip
> the laptop to tablet mode.

Ah yeah. My machine didn't do this out of the box and I'm on 4.18.0-13 of 
Linux at the moment. I had to use a project[1] to handle that. I was wondering 
if this could be made into a toggle-friendly option in the Display settings of 
System Settings; there's where I went to find it first.

> > (might invest in the suggested one by Dell)[2] and see how it fares. I
> > don't have Windows on here but I do know that there's mention of it being
> > able to launch OneNote and people handle notes from there.
> I guess so far our software with best pen support is Krita, their
> developers can explain better what could be more needed there

I'll ask them! My wants around pen support would be writing things down but I 
think I can get away with using Krita to scribble down notes!

Thank you for responding to my message, Macro!

> --
> Marco Martin


Jacky Alcine

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