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Although my experience maintaining a full-fledged Discourse deployment is nil 
(so I can't speak to that side of the discussion with any authority), I did 
install and research Discourse for an experiment with Hispalinux a couple of 
years ago.

From a users' point of view, the Discourse interface is usable (as in it 
complies with most rules of usability), looks good and makes following and 
mining threads easy. Furthermore, as Rubén points out, Discourse provides a 
way for users who prefer mailing lists to participate without having to change 
their habits. Discourse also helps to certain degree with self-regulation: all 
parties, admins and end-users, can collaborate in curbing spam and trolls.

I understand and appreciate the technical issues, but, fwiw, a change that 
would help attract more people without having to use yet another proprietary 
medium gets a +1 from me.

Now, if we could just move on from Telegram without taking a step back...


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