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Hi all,

El 29/10/18 a las 23:27, Jonathan Riddell escribió:
> On Mon, 29 Oct 2018 at 20:56, Luca Beltrame <lbeltrame at kde.org> wrote:


>> Does Discourse have a mail interface to avoid breaking user workflows?
>> How should a migration be handled? Don't forget we'll lose distributed
>> archiving of the mailing lists as well (very useful).
> It certainly notifies by e-mail, I've not yet worked out how it treats
> incoming e-mail.

Following my experience with this part:

Here at Hacklab Almería [0], we are using Discourse for the last 3 years
(I think) and, personally I don't like forums, I prefer maillist, but
Discourse personal profile can be adjust in order to run "like a
maillist": all of the post are send by mail, I can answer by mail, mail
are threadeds... practically is no difference with a mail list (I suffer
some strange issues with in-line answered, but is possible there are due
to Hacklab Almería mail gateway).

In fact, usually I don't use forum web, I manage all of the Hacklab
stuff across my mail, even started new posts.

Adding to this, I encouenter practical that if I'm away from my mail, I
can enter to Discourse and answer, or see my private messages or whatever.

At this moment, I think this Discourse software is not bad for me.

Only my opinion and experience.


Salud y Revolución.


[0] https://hacklabalmeria.net/
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