Improving Bugzilla Status Names

Andrew Crouthamel andrew at
Sun Sep 30 17:57:05 BST 2018

Yeah I never really understood the purpose of that. Just set it to reported status then or confirmed. Whatever it was before.

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On Sep 30, 2018, 12:42 PM, Nate Graham wrote:

> On 09/30/2018 10:39 AM, David Jarvie wrote:
>> I think that REPORTED is an ideal term for a newly opened bug. Is there
>> really a problem with the abbreviations REPO and REOP? Surely people
>> will quickly get used to making the distinction, if they make a mistake
>> at all. In any case, as soon as the bug report is accessed, it will be
>> clear what its status is. Please keep REPORTED and REOPENED as they are.
> Devil's advocate position: do we even need REOPENED? Does it add any
> value to have a status that just means, "REPORTED, but also this was
> previously closed"?
> Nate
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