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On sábado, 11 de agosto de 2018 23:22:59 (CEST) Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> I had asked the CWG the following:

I will answer as concisely and directly as I can, ok?

> Who are the higher-ups I've been told control access to KDE social
> media accounts,

There are no "higher-ups". Quite the contrary. The same way a caretaker in a 
school is not allowed to give the keys to the building to the students, but is 
ultimately at the service of the users (i.e. the students), the employees of 
Promo cannot hand out the passwords to KDE's social media accounts. That would 
be, indeed, a fireable offence. 

And, the same way the caretaker is not the owner of the school or use it at 
their pleasure, Ivana and I cannot abuse the social media accounts at our 
pleasure. We only use the accounts at the pleasure of the community. Anything 
else would again be a fireable offence.

> how did they get their position, how are they
> accountable to KDE as a whole and how do they decide who can
> contribute to KDE's promo?

You are conflating to different things. "Contributing to Promo" != "having the 
passwords to social media accounts".

> Is it desired I have access to two of KDE's social media accounts but
> not more or should I be removed from the accounts I do have access to?

Again, you are confusing two different things. "Having passwords" != "Have 
access to social media accounts". Indeed, everybody has access to the social 
media accounts, just that said access is regulated by a procedure. Come to 
promo, say what you want to post, we'll figure out together the best way to 
formulate it, chose the best slot for maximum impact, and one of the... uh... 
caretakers will post it.

> Is there a general blockage

Nobody is blocked from social media as I explained above. So, no, there is no 
blockage. Period.

> on community members being full members of
> KDE promo

I'm not sure what you mean by "full member". Promo is not club. We have 
contributors, like all the other KDE work groups. 

> or is it just a limitation for me?

No, because there is no limitation. There is a procedure in place, which is 
different. I think that you will find that said procedure is similar in spirit 
to the way project leaders curate patches sent by contributors for their code.  

> The only answer I got was about how feeling amongst wider Linux users
> was good for Plasma these days and therefor the promo team must be the
> right setup, which confuses correlation and causation.

Yes, I agree gauging the effect of promotion is tricky. It is something I fret 
about all the time. However, if you change one thing in a system, and suddenly 
the system works better, you would be excused if you thought that maybe the 
cause of the improvement were due to the change. If you boost that change and 
things improve further, then your hypothesis becomes more solid. A lot of 
correct postulations have been made in science based on observation, although 
the underlying mechanisms are (or were) poorly understood. Darwin based his 
theory of evolution on pure observation, as did Pasteur when postulating that 
infections were produced by invisible microbes.

What I am saying is I am not sure what point you are trying to make by waving 
around that old trope.

> I understood
> the CWG would take no further interest and it was surprising to see
> Valorie considered it an open issue today. Any other feedback I've
> had on the issue is just patronising comments about the need for
> review as if I was not aware of the process over the last 15 years. I
> had hoped to get back into promo having stepped back from being
> hassled last year.

What happened last year?

> But as all of KDE except a few I have spoken to
> privately are happy with the current promo set up I have just stopped
> my involvement and will move on to other places

I still think this is a mistake.

> where I can take a
> full part. Stuff I did which KDE may want to try to fill includes
> FOSDEM stalls, Embedded Linux Conf stall, Planet KDE, promo for Plasma
> releases beyond the announcement, articles during Akademy week, other
> random stuff as I felt the need.

There is no question of your merits, which is why I have insisted time and 
time again you re-join Promo.

Here's an idea: we are both here in Vienna. Wouldn't it be better if we talked 
about this over a coffee or something?



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