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Jonathan Riddell jr at
Sat Aug 11 22:22:59 BST 2018

I had asked the CWG the following:

Who are the higher-ups I've been told control access to KDE social
media accounts, how did they get their position, how are they
accountable to KDE as a whole and how do they decide who can
contribute to KDE's promo?

Is it desired I have access to two of KDE's social media accounts but
not more or should I be removed from the accounts I do have access to?

Is there a general blockage on community members being full members of
KDE promo or is it just a limitation for me?

The only answer I got was about how feeling amongst wider Linux users
was good for Plasma these days and therefor the promo team must be the
right setup, which confuses correlation and causation.  I understood
the CWG would take no further interest and it was surprising to see
Valorie considered it an open issue today.  Any other feedback I've
had on the issue is just patronising comments about the need for
review as if I was not aware of the process over the last 15 years.  I
had hoped to get back into promo having stepped back from being
hassled last year.  But as all of KDE except a few I have spoken to
privately are happy with the current promo set up I have just stopped
my involvement and will move on to other places where I can take a
full part.  Stuff I did which KDE may want to try to fill includes
FOSDEM stalls, Embedded Linux Conf stall, Planet KDE, promo for Plasma
releases beyond the announcement, articles during Akademy week, other
random stuff as I felt the need.


On 11 August 2018 at 20:59, Paul Brown <paul.brown at> wrote:
> On sábado, 11 de agosto de 2018 20:39:51 (CEST) Jonathan Riddell wrote:
>> Everyone seems fine for Promo to be run in an opaque way with
>> community members unable to take a full part.
> What do you think is opaque, Jonathan? It would help us if you could give us
> concrete examples so we could change anything that isn't working.
>> That makes it
>> uninteresting as a volunteer activity for me so I stopped doing promo
>> again.  The promo team is very welcome to work with me on Plasma
>> releases,
> This is good news.
>> although they've had a very poor record of doing this in the
>> past.
> I recall things differently, than again, we have worked with several projects,
> (such as Kdenlive, Krita, etc.) on their releases and things have worked well.
> I may be mixing things up. The thing is, if we can make it work for them, we
> can sure make it work for Plasma.
> As with other projects, for which we have representatives connected to the
> Promo channels all day, every day, I would again like to invite you to rejoin
> Promo actively so we can all work together openly on what's best for Plasma.
> Cheers
> Paul
>> Jonathan
>> On Sat, Aug 11, 2018 at 01:16:44AM -0700, Valorie Zimmerman wrote:
>> > Sorry to speak up so late in this process; however I need to make an
>> > Akademy report.
>> >
>> > Jon, have you worked out with the Promo team how best to coordinate
>> > release promo in the future? If not, is there someone else in the
>> > Plasma release team who will be taking over this duty?
>> >
>> > I would appreciate a response today.
>> >
>> > Valorie
>> >
>> > On Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 11:13 AM, Andy B <anditosan1000 at> wrote:
>> > > On July 19, 2018 at 9:26:03 AM, David Narvaez
>> > > (david.narvaez at
>> > > wrote:
>> > >
>> > > On Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 11:05 AM, Jonathan Riddell <jr at>
> wrote:
>> > >> I did but I see nobody has an interest in me being a full part of it
>> > >
>> > > That's simply not true: we have all seen Paul Brown's message where
>> > > you are invited to participate in the promo team. What you mean to say
>> > > is that you are not allowed to be part of the promo team under your
>> > > own rules and conditions, but when you put it like that you do not
>> > > sound much like a victim and you lose some negotiation power.
>> > >
>> > > While I personally have no position regarding your one-man charge
>> > > against the promo team (I do not have enough information to pick a
>> > > side here), I am very much against your theatrical portrayal of the
>> > > issue when we can all clearly see what is going on here. If you want
>> > > to do promo under your own terms like back in the ol' days 15 years
>> > > ago, then just say so, no need to play victim.
>> > >
>> > > David E. Narvaez
>> > >
>> > > Before we are too flustered by this interaction, let’s see what we can
>> > > do
>> > > now. Jon, does the team need to post anything to our twitter account? Is
>> > > there something that needs to be out soon?
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