Calling all contributors: Please help us with the EduCode2018 event

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On Friday, August 3, 2018 12:38:24 PM EDT Adriaan de Groot wrote:
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>From the "Stuff we need" section:

* Stickers are a sticking point, as always -- perhaps we can do a quick 
"sticker design" BoF at Akademy, and then print off a few hundred locally? 
Whatever is local quick and cheap -- the board has said that moving stickers 
from the KDE office is prohibitively expensive and local groups should be 
printing them themselves (and expensing that).

  There's existing sticker designs somewhere, too, right?

* Monitor is something I can bring -- 25 or 27" fits in my bag, w/ stand, and 
since I'm just taking a train there's no big risks involved (I've taken the 
same monitor by plane to Gothenburg for a KDE stand, too -- silly me when I 
could have borrowed one locally). So there's no expenses needed there.

* Does -edu have a nice wiki landing page? Then a simple QR card would be 
quite nice.

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