Akademy 2018 Visa Invitations Batch #3

Stefan Derkits stefan at derkits.at
Fri Jun 8 15:32:20 UTC 2018


as we just finished processing Batch #2 of the Visa Invitation Letters,
we wanted to give you all a deadline for Batch #3.

So if you still need a Visa Invitation and want to get it before end of
June, please send us all the needed data until:
Tuesday, 19.06. 12:00 pm CEST (Berlin/Vienna Time)

How to request a Visa Invitation Letter:
* Send your request for an invitation to akademy-team at kde.org, Subject:
"Visa Invitation Request"
* In the request, we need the following data:
** Full Name
** Full Address
** Country of Origin
** Passport Number
** Date of Birth
** wether you are a sponsored attendee or not
** Arrival & Departure Date

See you in Vienna,

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