Mock-up of revised KDE Store / KDE Cafe Press store / Organic cotton

Scott Harvey bundito at
Sat Feb 17 14:12:02 UTC 2018

They have an organic option, at least. I will try to find out about any
certifications. I added the Home Folder design as an organic variation -
it's significantly more expensive.

The problem with sites like those on the Ohio Fair Trade site is that
they're bulk-order for someone to resell. Cafe Press is no-inventory,
print-on-demand. I'm willing to keep the shop updated, but I don't have the
room in my house to warehouse KDE merchandise. :-)

I'll do some more research and see what I can dig up. I like the sentiment,
I just hope we can make it practical.


On Sat, Feb 17, 2018 at 7:43 AM, gregor.mi.sw <codestruct at> wrote:

> Hello Scott,
> thanks to your post to the kde-promo list I got reminded that we have KDE
> promotional T-Shirts. I like this shirt, for example:
> However, I could not easily find out if the shirt is organic and
> sweatshop-free or not. The description does not mention it, therefore I
> assume it is at least not organic, right?
> It would be nice if we could also offer our KDE t-shirts in an organic
> (with GOTS certification) and fair trade variant (see e.g.
> If we not
> already do it somewhere I did not find it yet I am willing to help to make
> it possible.
> Gregor
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