Is kdesvn being maintained?

Adriaan de Groot groot at
Sun Jun 18 05:00:15 UTC 2017

On Saturday 17 June 2017 17:32:28 Lew Wolfgang wrote:
> Does anyone know the status of kdesvn?  Is it being maintained?

The source repository can be found at
While there is not a lot of activity, it has gotten a 2.0 branch recently 
(past 6 months or so) and has KF5-support. It does not seem to release with 
KDE Applications -- perhaps it is (still) in playground.

> If anyone's interested, the problem presents when a file is
> selected in the browser.  Instead of opening the file with the
> appropriate handler, a file-not-found error is presented.  The
> files are there and can be accessed with the command-line
> svn program, and smartsvn.

Probably the KDE4 (kdelibs) version is no longer considered supported by 
upstream, but you could take a look at the bug tracker [1] and file an issue

Also, try openSUSE Krypton or Argon [2] -- those are live-CDs with the latest 
stuff built from KDE git, so those may contain a more recent kdesvn. Failing 
that, there is KDE Neon, a similar bleeding-edge live-CD, but based on Debian, 
which has a kdesvn 2.0 package.



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