Mycroft Plasmoid & Request to Join The Community

Thomas Pfeiffer thomas.pfeiffer at
Sat Jan 14 22:03:28 UTC 2017

On Samstag, 14. Januar 2017 05:22:58 CET Aditya Mehra wrote:
> Hello all,
> I recently released the Mycroft Plasmoid for Plasma 5 Desktop. The plasmoid
> is a frontend to Mycroft Ai which could be described as a digital desktop
> assistant. The plasmoid with the core provides users a number of skills and
> widgets which can be interacted with via text and voice input.
> I am posting this email as I would like the Mycroft Plasmoid project to be a
> part of the KDE community. I have my repository for the plasmoid hosted on
> github where I am currently doing most of the releases. I have additionally
> followed the packaging guidelines / structure of other available C++/QML
> plasmoids, but as I am quite new to the development process I do not have
> much of an idea on how to go about hosting this on the KDE infrastructure
> and joining the community. I would like to request someone to please guide
> me with this process and how I can contribute to the community.
> The current hosted git repository can be found at:
> and the demo of the plasmoid at:
> Thanks & Regards,
> Aditya Mehra

Hello Aditya,
I'm happy that you have approached us!
Virtual assistants are an area where desktop Linux is currently behind the 
proprietary competition, which is why every effort in that direction is 
welcome and important!
I personally think the Mycroft Plasmoid would be a great project for KDE.
KDE has an official incubation process for external projects which want to join 
the community, where they are guided through all necessary processes [1].
I'd recommend for you to make use of that. 
The first step would be to look at the KDE Manifesto [2] and decide whether you 
can see the Mycroft Plasmoid project reflected in it, and see compliance with 
it (and the documents linked to from there) as a useful goal.
Once that is done, you should try to find a "sponsor", i.e. a person willing to 
help you get into KDE (probably not me because as a non-developer, I would 
probably not be of much help in technical matters).
That sponsor would then guide you through the next steps.


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