Mycroft Plasmoid & Request to Join The Community

Aditya Mehra aix.m at
Sat Jan 14 05:22:58 UTC 2017

Hello all,

I recently released the Mycroft Plasmoid for Plasma 5 Desktop. The plasmoid is a frontend to Mycroft Ai which could be described as a digital desktop assistant. The plasmoid with the core provides users a number of skills and widgets which can be interacted with via text and voice input.

I am posting this email as I would like the Mycroft Plasmoid project to be a part of the KDE community. I have my repository for the plasmoid hosted on github where I am currently doing most of the releases. I have additionally followed the packaging guidelines / structure of other available C++/QML plasmoids, but as I am quite new to the development process I do not have much of an idea on how to go about hosting this on the KDE infrastructure and joining the community. I would like to request someone to please guide me with this process and how I can contribute to the community.

The current hosted git repository can be found at: and the demo of the plasmoid at:

Thanks & Regards,
Aditya Mehra

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