Kubuntu and other KDE distribution's use of KDE infrastructure

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Wed Jan 11 12:33:53 UTC 2017

On Sunday, January 08, 2017 12:02:06 AM Valorie Zimmerman wrote:
> However, the sysadmins would like the KDE community support for this,
> since it could be seen as a "slippery slope." In addition, Ben
> Cooksley said, "we'll need to come up with some guidelines surrounding
> what distributions can ask us for, given the Manifesto / KDE Project
> rules.

Hi Valorie,

I'm not exactly sure what you're asking here.

For me, it seems like you're drawing a Venn diagram, with a circle of "distro 
people" on one side, and a circle of "KDE infrastructure", and saying that an 
overlap between the two is problematic. I'm not sure why that's a problem, nor 
even why the two circles are expected to be distinct.

Consider the KDE-FreeBSD packagers. That's not one of the "big three", but it 
is a distro in a non-Linuxy sense of the word. Heck, there's even *two* 
trademarks in the name there! So this group of people self-identifies as "the 
KDE-FreeBSD community of packagers". The people within that community vary 
from almost-pure-FreeBSD-folks (e.g. mat_) to almost-pure-KDE-folks (e.g. me). 
It's still a single group with a particular purpose, namely to bring KDE 
software to the OS (platform, distro, whatever).

It seems to be natural to use whatever infrastructure is most convenient or 
most apposite. We (KDE-FreeBSD) have a *.kde.org subdomain for posting news 
and information, keep some *base.kde.org wiki pages with information for KDE 
users and people wanting to contribute, and use KDE phab, git, etc. when 
upstreaming patches.

We *also* use FreeBSD phab for dealing with downstream workflow, the wiki there 
for progress reports, the bug tracker there, etc.

As for general collaborative things, whichever pastebin is handy gets used; 
whichever notes-taking app is around gets used. I don't think we spend -- or 
want to spend -- a lot of time thinking about which one gets used.

So for me, it seems like either a non-problem (because KDE-FreeBSD is pretty 
small) or there's something not expressed here that lies behind your question.


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