[kde-community] possible foss alternative to telegram/slack

Oddvar Lovaas oddvar at matrix.org
Tue Jul 26 12:51:06 UTC 2016

Hi again,

Apologies - the direct link to the KDE room is: 

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On 26/07/16 11:38, Oddvar Lovaas wrote:
> Hi guys,
> just jumping in here after briefly talking to Alex L. in Matrix. As he 
> might have mentioned, Matrix itself is "just" the open standard. There 
> are many Matrix-enabled clients - we collect all of them (atleast the 
> ones we know about!) here: 
> https://matrix.org/docs/projects/try-matrix-now.html
> We are also working on a feature-rich client for web and mobile called 
> Vector (vector.im) - and with Matrix' guest access feature you can try 
> it without having to sign up at https://vector.im/beta/#kde:matrix.org 
> (This goes directly to a KDE room I just set up).
> Mobile clients are available on the Apple and Google stores, as well 
> as on F-droid.
> Matrix is not just messaging though (in fact all we are doing, is 
> exchanging JSON-blobs), and we natively support VoIP calling via WebRTC.
> Matrix wants to link together all communication services, and we 
> already have an IRC-bridge, a slack-bridge, a gitter bridge and more. 
> The community have written other bridges, including XMPP and 
> hubot-integration to Rocket Chat. Again there's a list on 
> https://matrix.org/docs/projects/try-matrix-now.html#application-services
> I'm happy to try to answer any questions you may have on Matrix/Vector 
> - either here or in Matrix! It would be great to get you all using 
> Matrix, and I am very happy to help setting things up for you!
> Best regards,
> Oddvar
> On 26/07/16 10:33, Riccardo Iaconelli wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On 18 July 2016 at 16:58, Filipe Saraiva <filipe at kde.org> wrote:
>>> If there is some interest in this test, please let me know and I can
>>> foward the reply for them.
>> at WikiToLearn we set up a test instance on one of our staging servers.
>> You can login with phabricator details on https://chat.wikitolearn.org ;
>> It is a testing instance, so you're free to try all the features, but
>> please try not to spam it too much; we're trying to use it in our
>> everyday communication (to evaluate it) and would like to keep the
>> database when (and if) we will move it to production!
>> Bye,
>> -Riccardo

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