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Olaf Schmidt-Wischhöfer olaf at amen-online.de
Tue May 10 20:27:30 BST 2016

Thank you!

The comments on the Dot story about the vision mentioned the need not to overlook accessibility for users with special needs. Obviously I agree, having started in KDE through kde-accessibility. I have added a sentence where the text mentions configuration and “the user’s need”.

Best regards, Olaf

Am 9. Mai 2016 17:54:13 MESZ, schrieb Thomas Pfeiffer <thomas.pfeiffer at kde.org>:
>Hi everyone,
>thank you all for the feedback!
>It seems we're now in a mode of fleshing out details, for which I find
>not optimal. Therefore, I've put up a my original of the draft on the
>Wiki [1] 
>(where we can all edit it while keeping all revisions available), then
>immediately created a first revision, trying to incorporate the ideas
>were brought up in this thread.
>I've also added promoting development of Free software in general as a
>under which I've put creating libraries, mentoring and collaboration
>other orgs sharing our values, since all that has become quite
>important for 
>KDE over the years.
>So, feel free to edit the Wiki page, or bring up points for further
>Let's finish our mission before we lose interest ;)
>[1] https://community.kde.org/KDE/Mission
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