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> Hi,
> On Thursday, April 28, 2016 12:21:28 Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:
>> >Hi everyone,
>> >as we've found during the vision creation process that having a concrete
>> >draft to work from can streamline the discussion, I tried to come up with
>> >one. It goes quite into detail, but I think this is necessary in order to
>> >be useful as practical guidance.
>> >To provide control, freedom and privacy, KDE's products
>> >- allow users to "tinker" with them
> As Aleix said, what do you mean exactly with that ?
> I could interpret it as
> - sources are available
> - it is easy to build
> - it's highly configurable
> - data is stored in easily accessible formats (text, or documented binary, or
> binary with low level tools, etc) ?
I think the 2 first are normal for FOSS. What we should emphasis on is 
more the 3rd and 4th point. 3rd for users to have more power, 4th for 
them to be sure that if one day KDE dies (not soon hopefully :D), their 
data are not lost.I like your draft.
> It does not mention providing libraries explicitely, but focuses only on
> applications (if I didn't miss it).
> Is that something which should be added ?

I like this draft and everything you answered. I think one should 
emphasis on the libraries as well in order to show that our target users 
are not only end-users but developers as well.
I would really like that someone who uses Qt is able to say "Oh the KDE 
Frameworks are great, let's reuse that instead of rewritting from 
scratch!" Like people use V-PLay or what not based on Qt.

Something else: I'm not sure it should be part of the mission: the way 
to achieve all this? Having common user interface design (work with the 
VDG), same type of configuration windows (use Frameworks libraries), 
having webpresence (up to date websites, documentation online,...).

I write this last part (webpresence) because I think it's somewhere we 
are not so good at, and being part of the mission could put some 
incentive on it. We really need that to get more users IMOH.

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