[kde-community] KDE Mission - let's do this!

Thomas Pfeiffer thomas.pfeiffer at kde.org
Fri Apr 29 16:10:04 BST 2016

On Freitag, 29. April 2016 14:32:33 CEST Olivier Churlaud wrote:

> > As Aleix said, what do you mean exactly with that ?
> > I could interpret it as
> > - sources are available
> > - it is easy to build
> > - it's highly configurable
> > - data is stored in easily accessible formats (text, or documented binary,
> > or binary with low level tools, etc) ?
> I think the 2 first are normal for FOSS. What we should emphasis on is
> more the 3rd and 4th point. 3rd for users to have more power, 4th for
> them to be sure that if one day KDE dies (not soon hopefully :D), their
> data are not lost.I like your draft.

Makes sense. How would you phrase the two points?

> > It does not mention providing libraries explicitely, but focuses only on
> > applications (if I didn't miss it).
> > Is that something which should be added ?
> I like this draft and everything you answered. I think one should
> emphasis on the libraries as well in order to show that our target users
> are not only end-users but developers as well.
> I would really like that someone who uses Qt is able to say "Oh the KDE
> Frameworks are great, let's reuse that instead of rewritting from
> scratch!" Like people use V-PLay or what not based on Qt.

See my reply to Alex' email for that.

> Something else: I'm not sure it should be part of the mission: the way
> to achieve all this? Having common user interface design (work with the
> VDG), same type of configuration windows (use Frameworks libraries),
> having webpresence (up to date websites, documentation online,...).
> I write this last part (webpresence) because I think it's somewhere we
> are not so good at, and being part of the mission could put some
> incentive on it. We really need that to get more users IMOH.

Good points!
This is kind of a "third level", because it describes how we want to achieve a 
good user experience.

I think we definitely should document those things clearly. The question is if 
they should go into a third document (which could be called "Strategy") in 
order to not make the mission too long, or if it should be right there with 
the mission. I'm a bit unsure here, as both alternatives would have benefits 
and drawbacks.

Thank you for the input,.

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