[kde-community] KDE Mission - let's do this!

Clemens Toennies starbuck at netrunner-os.com
Wed Apr 27 02:53:52 BST 2016

Am 26.04.2016 um 22:41 schrieb Alexander Neundorf:
> On Tuesday, April 26, 2016 07:44:03 Martin Graesslin wrote:
> ...
>> And yes from the wider community we don't get the support for such things in
>> Plasma. Rather the opposite. We get pushback for anything leaving the
>> traditional desktop. Constantly. Just like your mail here.
> Sorry, I don't see any "pushback" in my mail. I wrote "I'd love to see it". 
> And that "unfortunately it's not happening". That's my observation, and I'd 
> much prefer to have a different impression.
> What can we do to improve the situation ? Or are we happy with it ?
> Do you have ideas why there is so little use of plasma by others ? Is that 
> actually a goal ?
> Where do you see the target "market" for Plasma Mobile ?

Hi Alex,

Plasma Desktop and Mobile are just two sides from the same medal.

Plasma Mobile is kind of like a "gratis by-product" of our current
Qt-based Plasma Shell and KF5 surrounding technologies.
Just one developer (Bhushan) is working on it (mainly porting the above
technology parts to a containerized more portable base to run on arm
phone or tablet device like nexus5).
Marco is "half" developing for it primarly doing Kirigami, which aims
for portable KDE applications for various platforms (Plasma Desktop,
Android, Windows), again including Plasma Mobile kinda gratis because if
it runs on Plasma [Desktop] technology, Plasma Mobile kinda comes gratis
for any app using Kirigami.
At least from Blue Systems, any one else are working on the "Desktop",
KF5, Wayland or Apps, so the whole Plasma Mobile is more due to fun
seeing our technology work on other devices than the PC because "we can".

Should Mobile paradigms become the new craze and suddenly a game changer
also on the desktop (like converging form factors or mobile OS simply
taking over the classical desktop (Remix OS)), we are well prepared.
If not, any ongoing Plasma Mobile efforts have little to virtual no
extra costs, so we're by no means draining or wasting huge amounts of
resources like other single-handed approaches, e.g. Firefox OS, Jolla.

From this holistic view (more a free byproduct than a coerced effort),
Plasma Mobile is already "constantly happening".
And of course we are being realistic, that at least I don't see Plasma
Mobile's value or success being based on market penetration or any
phones preinstalled, but more like a showcase we can do quite an
impressive free and libre mobile stack with just "1 and a half" men.

Greetings, Clemens.

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