[kde-community] QtCon/Akademy 2016 Talks Committee

Kenny Duffus kenny at kde.org
Sat Mar 5 11:08:30 UTC 2016

On Friday, 4 March 2016 21:24:35 GMT, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> Hi! Sorry I missed this last weekend.
> On Sunday 28 February 2016 10:35:39 Kenny Duffus wrote:
>> We are looking for people to join the QtCon/Akademy Talks Committee for
>> 2016.
> Is that for both conferences, or mostly Akademy? I mean, I'd 
> feel comfortable 
> with Akademy, not so much with QtCon, because I know the audience.

The plan is to have people looking at content they understand. There will 
be talks etc aimed at primarily KDE/VLC/Qt/FSFE and others that would have 
a wider potential audience

>> The committee comes up with some suggested themes in the CfP 
>> and decides on
>> the selection of talks from the submissions. So they are a very important
>> part of making the conference a success.
> Is there some overriding theme already? 

That is something for the committee to come up with in partnership with the 
QtCon team

> Materials from last years as an example?


> Can the committee just wing it (my personal hobby-horse would be 
> attaching to the Randa meetings and the KDE Distro outreach, for instance).

Sorry not to sure what you were meaning there?



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