[kde-community] finding a clear vision for KDE - first draft for discussion

Clemens Toennies starbuck at netrunner-os.com
Wed Feb 10 06:59:20 UTC 2016

On Feb 9, 2016 11:42 PM, "Sebastian Kügler" <sebas at kde.org> wrote:
> On Tuesday, February 09, 2016 23:07:56 Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> > On Tuesday, February 09, 2016 10:41:07 Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> > ...
> >
> > > As Martin said very well already: By defining our goals not in terms
> > > technology but in terms of values and principles, we don't lose the
> > > technology aspect, we are still experts in Qt,
> >
> > sure we'll lose it long-term.
> > If we don't focus at all on Qt,
> Nobody says that we don't focus at all on Qt. Our software is built
around Qt,
> and nobody wants to change that. It's because Qt is an excellent solution
> many of our problems, it just isn't a goal in itself, but a tool.

Provoking thought:
With the recent shift of Gnome to exclusivity (leading to mint x-apps,
ubuntu forks), what if more and more GTK applications would become KDE
projects because of shared values inside an independent, welcoming
Maybe then with everyone working closer together, we would be able to
overcome the rift still dividing the linux enduser technologies when people
start to sit on the same tables?

Greetings, Clemens.
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