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Francesco Wofford francescowofford at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 15:48:39 GMT 2016

Since I'm directly involved in the project (mostly on the client side) I
chime in. I admit that I stopped developing my part of the project as the
GSoC ended but I was forced to do so, let me explain why: as it was already
said, soon after the GSoC ended a sort of meeting about “the future of ocs”
was planned. I was not invited to it nor officially informed about it, I
knew about it only because Claudio kindly informed me about what was going
on. I do understand why I wasn't invited, in fact I'm not a project manager
as Claudio or Dan but I still don't get why that meeting wasn't announced
at least in the irc #ocs channel. We both (Claudio and I) felt that either
great changes to the project or a new project was in the air so that was
the reason why I stopped working to it: I was waiting to see what the
future of the project itself could be.. I like to code but I don't see the
point in blindly developing without knowing if what I do is useful or not
and I'm almost sure that Claudio thinks in the same way. After the meeting
took place I waited for days a follow up that never come.. I totally missed
what the scope of our project should be and when I asked to my mentor for
clarifications no answers were given.
Sebas to me it seems, and I may be wrong, that you're trying to address
Claudio as “the greedy guy with no open free collaboration mind”; if this
is the case I have to correct you, he spent 4 years of his life
contributing to KDE and also ruined his carrier at the University because
he was believing in what he was doing (I can assure that having programming
experience at our University does not help at all). From what I get,
knowing him in person, he felt that he was going to loose his current
position to the project in sake of another one and was not so happy about
it (even if we both are hoping for a great future of OCS) so considering
that he was going trough a not so good economic situation and knowing that
at BS there are people payed to develop on KDE he asked if a symbolic
amount to contribute to a project that was different from the one he was
exactly hoping to do. Well... we are humans, I think that position, maybe
if it is not in the completely “free collaboration” spirit is at least
understandable. I think that we can't define him only for having asked that.

As the others I'd like also to have some clarification about the future of
OCS and I'm aware that my code is not perfect, my idea was to improve
myself while helping the community


2016-01-15 16:25 GMT+01:00 Claudio Desideri <happy.snizzo at gmail.com>:

> Ok, I admit it. You're right in everything you said. Now I got your point
> of view and it was all my fault due to my inability to understand things
> and talk with you, of my thick-headness, my lack of pragmatism and
> motivation. Therefore I honestly can't go on with partecipating as a
> developer in this community. I won't go on with the development of
> ocs-server, for all the reasons above, and because I don't feel comfortable
> anymore in this community as a contributor with responsabilities towards
> the community itself. I'm quitting and no more interested in any ocs
> activity as a contributor. I hope you respect my choice and accept my
> sincere apologies for the troubles I caused by speaking to everyone.
> That said, as a user I have a last genuine question:
> What's the future of OCS now? Did something came out at the meeting?
> 2016-01-15 14:54 GMT+01:00 Sebastian Kügler <sebas at kde.org>:
>> I'm cutting out a lot of text here, which again contains
>> misrepresentations,
>> but I don't think discussing these in detail contributes to a conclusion
>> here,
>> so I'll concentrate on what matters instead.
>> On Friday, January 15, 2016 03:54:15 AM Claudio Desideri wrote:
>> > been used replacing openDesktop, however, i got no response at all.
>> After
>> > repeatedly asking, I was told it would have been part of incubation
>> phase.
>> > Now, I don't know project phases as much as you do, but I believe
>> > incubation happens way before is inside KDE. Then, logically, that means
>> > ocs-server wasn't inside KDE. Please, correct me if I'm wrong.
>> The ocs-server project you were working on doesn't need incubation since
>> it
>> started inside KDE, as a KDE project. The incubation process is there for
>> external project that want to move into KDE with their infrastructure and
>> become part of the wider KDE community.
>> https://community.kde.org/Incubator has more detailed information.
>> The point that you are misunderstanding, and which I explained to you
>> multiple
>> times (I recall you were really thick-headed about it, or I simply failed
>> explaining it well enough) is that it's not me and not Blue Systems to
>> decide
>> which codebase gets used and if the opendesktop services are going to be
>> replaced at all. This decision is made by the community, and such a
>> decision
>> simply cannot be made before a solution is ready. If anybody told you that
>> your project would never be used (I'm 100% sure I didn't), then that's at
>> best
>> guess work. I simply asked you to take part in defining a road forward,
>> you
>> contracted that time and time again into what seemed suitable to your
>> mental
>> model, or what you wanted to understand. In contrast, this lack of
>> understanding of failure of communication was not an issue with every
>> other
>> person I talked to about this topic.
>> My impression was that you were only interested in ocs-server if there
>> was a
>> financial compensation, and that you were not open to consider alternative
>> solutions, should the result of an evaluation bring that forward as the
>> most
>> promising future roadmap. In my opinion, that attitude lacks intrinsic
>> motivation and pragmatism to be really useful for KDE. It's your call,
>> however, and I respect that decision.
>> --
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