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Marta Rybczynska marta.rybczynska at kde.org
Tue Dec 8 21:56:14 UTC 2015

Dear all,
KDE e.V. supports multiple events in the KDE community: Akademy, Lakademy,
conf.kde.in, Randa, sprints, representation of KDE on other events.

We use this email as an occasion to remind you that any KDE community
member may organize a sprint and we do have a budget to support them. If
you need more information, email the Board at kde-ev-board at kde.org. For
more information on the Travel Cost Reimbursement Policy see

With the high number of requests, handling the reimbursements manually
means a significant administrative effort. We've tested and deployed a
system that makes it easier for everyone (and thanks to Agustin for
suggesting it!): https://reimbursements.kde.org/ The procedure changes
slightly, so please take the time to review it before applying. Here's how
it works:

    For event organizers
    1. Ask the Board for support for your event as usual. Important:
provide the budget you need.
    2. When the budget is accepted, it will be created at
    3. Ask the participants to apply at https://reimbursements.kde.org/
    4. Enter your sprint at sprints.kde.org
We'll come with a more detailed checklist for the event organizers in the

    For event participants
  Before the event:
    Note that you should first try to get your employer to pay for your
trip, find a  third  party sponsor or consider paying for it from your own
funds. If  you wouldn't be able to attend the event because of the costs or
paying  for it yourself would be a great burden for you because you have no
or a low income or the costs are especially high, you should request  a

    1. Apply at https://reimbursements.kde.org/. Log in using your KDE Identity
user name and password
    2. Go into Events and choose your event, click on "Travel support"
    3. Fill in the form. Make sure you request the right amount for each
category. The amount accepted, based on what you entered, will be final.
You won't get reimbursed more.
    4. Submit the form and *confirm* it.
    5. Soon your request will be accepted or you will be asked for more
information. The notifications are send by email.
 After the event:
     1. Scan or make photos off all the receipts (hotel, transport etc).
     2. Log in at the site again and go to "Reimbursements"
     3. Fill the form. You can submit multiple files of receipts.
     4. Download, print, *sign*, scan and submit the acceptance form from
the site. It replaces the old form.
     5. Submit and *confirm* the request.
     6. You will be notified when your request is accepted and paid.

>From now we're handling all reimbursements using this site. If your event
is not yet added, or you have any questions or doubts, please mail
kde-ev-board at kde.org.

Marta for the KDE e.V. Board
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