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Great news. Congratulations.

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On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 10:56 PM, Marta Rybczynska
<marta.rybczynska at kde.org> wrote:
> Dear all,
> KDE e.V. supports multiple events in the KDE community: Akademy, Lakademy,
> conf.kde.in, Randa, sprints, representation of KDE on other events.
> We use this email as an occasion to remind you that any KDE community member
> may organize a sprint and we do have a budget to support them. If you need
> more information, email the Board at kde-ev-board at kde.org. For more
> information on the Travel Cost Reimbursement Policy see
> https://ev.kde.org/rules/reimbursement_policy.php
> With the high number of requests, handling the reimbursements manually means
> a significant administrative effort. We've tested and deployed a system that
> makes it easier for everyone (and thanks to Agustin for suggesting it!):
> https://reimbursements.kde.org/ The procedure changes slightly, so please
> take the time to review it before applying. Here's how it works:
>     For event organizers
>     ================
>     1. Ask the Board for support for your event as usual. Important: provide
> the budget you need.
>     2. When the budget is accepted, it will be created at
> https://reimbursements.kde.org/
>     3. Ask the participants to apply at https://reimbursements.kde.org/
>     4. Enter your sprint at sprints.kde.org
> We'll come with a more detailed checklist for the event organizers in the
> future.
>     For event participants
>     =================
>   Before the event:
>     Note that you should first try to get your employer to pay for your
> trip, find a  third  party sponsor or consider paying for it from your own
> funds. If  you wouldn't be able to attend the event because of the costs or
> paying  for it yourself would be a great burden for you because you have no
> or a low income or the costs are especially high, you should request  a
> reimbursement.
>     1. Apply at https://reimbursements.kde.org/. Log in using your KDE
> Identity user name and password
>     2. Go into Events and choose your event, click on "Travel support"
>     3. Fill in the form. Make sure you request the right amount for each
> category. The amount accepted, based on what you entered, will be final. You
> won't get reimbursed more.
>     4. Submit the form and *confirm* it.
>     5. Soon your request will be accepted or you will be asked for more
> information. The notifications are send by email.
>  After the event:
>      1. Scan or make photos off all the receipts (hotel, transport etc).
>      2. Log in at the site again and go to "Reimbursements"
>      3. Fill the form. You can submit multiple files of receipts.
>      4. Download, print, *sign*, scan and submit the acceptance form from
> the site. It replaces the old form.
>      5. Submit and *confirm* the request.
>      6. You will be notified when your request is accepted and paid.
> From now we're handling all reimbursements using this site. If your event is
> not yet added, or you have any questions or doubts, please mail
> kde-ev-board at kde.org.
> Marta for the KDE e.V. Board
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